Technology and City Resilience: Connecting People, Places, and The Things We Need

Did you know the technology we already have in place is being used to develop new strategies for city resilience? Resilient cities have the ability to adapt and change along with the changing needs of their citizens. But how are these needs communicated?

A piece written by Liz Yee of 100 Resiliant Cities discusses the Four Ways Cities Are Using Innovative Technology to Build Resilience.

1. Utilizing existing data

Resilient cities utilize existing data rather than spending time, money, and resources to obtain new data.

2. Increasing efficiency through technology

Resilient cities focus on connecting the people and things that need to be connected. For example, connecting buses with bus stops.

3. Using innovative design and materials

Resilient cities use designs and materials which mimic nature, with goals such as energy efficiency, and longevity.

4) Connecting People, Places, Things

Resilient cities utilize smart phone technology to connect people with their work, food, play, and, of course, with other people!

New technologies are developing everyday, and while many of these developments could present an impediment to human connection, we can also utilize them to explore the moxie of humanity in the cities of the future.


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