Welcome to the New Year! What are your Goals for Archaeology?

Wow, look at the time, it’s a new year already!  2017 was such a strange year for me personally, I experienced some of the biggest changes in my personal life, and also learned some hard lessons.

Now that this whirlwind of a year is ebbing, I am excited to look forward toward my goals of the year to come! While I do reassess and reset my goals throughout the year, this is a motivating time to look broadly at what I hope to accomplish.

Goals for HUX

1. Start my own Business

I originally thought I would put this off until after I had completed my thesis, but I changed my mind. I’ve got a list of professional development to get through, but this year is the year!

2. Finish my thesis project

I have a leave of absence scheduled for the spring semester, and then it’s back to work! I completed the first phase of my research this year, and have four phases to go!

3. Develop more reflective and helpful content

My blog was, up until this point more of a passive archive of random posts, but now my goal is to develop content that helps archaeologists engage with the public. I have some exciting topics planned for 2018, so stay tuned!

Goals for Archaeologists

Continuing on that note, I thought I would also share some of the goals I have for archaeology for 2018. These goals are aimed at improving how we interact with each other and the public on the internet. I am, of course, biased in my choices since I am mostly interested in archaeology on the internet and social media so feel free to share your version too!

1. Be Seen

I’ve spoken with quite a few archaeologists who have websites and social media profiles that just sit there stagnant. This does little for you or the users you want to reach.

Social media feeds are dynamic, and often curated by a mix individual user choice and algorithms. Therefore, consistent and targeted use is key for your exposure in socials and blogging. How do you do this? Be shameless! Share your page and ask for likes!

2. Be Engaging

This may be news to you, but for many, we are the public face of archaeology. If you’ve called yourself ‘archaeologist’ in your profile, you will show up in a search (unless, of course, you’ve got your privacy restrictions set in which case I would assume online engagement and exposure is not your goal). Archaeologists can be more engaging by posting comments on articles in their feeds, sharing and reflecting on articles in your own feed, and writing articles or creating content to pitch to media outlets. As they say, archaeology is a small world, so I encourage you to look beyond the usual archaeology publications to reach a wider audience.

3. Be Collaborative

This goal is, to me, the most essential. The current political climate and the potential job market has wreaked havoc on the lives and careers of many of us, so it is now more than ever is when we should promote one another’s work together to reach mutual goals. I recently joined up with a support group for women archaeologists, and it has been such an inspiring group so far!

If you are looking to collaborate, feel free to get in touch! I am more than willing to exchange guest blogs and help with content development!

What are your goals?

Of course, there are many more things our field can work through to improve so share your list in the comments below. What goals would you like to see all archaeologists work toward?


What are your thoughts?

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