Web-Love: Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Welcome to the first Web-Love Wednesday! Today’s experience comes from Sandra B, who took a virtual tour of Ellis Island.

Sandra Shares:

“As a history lover, I was thrilled to learn that many museums now offer virtual tours for some of their most prized treasures. Now, I could explore history like never before, right from the comfort of my home. I wanted to find out for myself if a virtual tour could be as informing and entertaining as a real-life tour, so I decided to search for what online tours might be available.

Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

My first trip was a virtual tour of Ellis Island, the same place my ancestors first stepped foot in America. The tour is created in partnership with Scholastic, so the material is appropriate for all ages; this makes it a great option for a virtual family field trip.

The website features a detailed 30-minute virtual tour of Ellis Island, with park rangers and historians helping to explain the history of the island. What I really liked was the Explore the Island feature. It took you step-by-step through the process of what an immigrant went through in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Each step provides historical fact, actual photographs and video footage of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, as well as audio clips from real immigrants portraying their stories. I may not have been there in-person, but I certainly experienced the history of Ellis Island through this virtual tour.”

Want to Share Your Experience?

Have you had an awesome experience with an online exhibit or collection? Share it with us! You can submit your post to be featured by using this Google Form. Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your tour experience with us this week!

See you next Wednesday for more Web-Love!


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