Web-Love: The Louvre

Greetings, and welcome back to Web-Love Wednesday! Today, Rachel shares her experience using the online collections at The Louvre.

Rachel writes:

The Louvre

“There are always large lines of people trying to get into The Louvre in Paris. The online collection of this world-famous gallery was a real find. From my desktop, I could explore the paintings and sculptures without the crowds. The search facility is easy to use and is in English. Typing in an artist will bring up their work held in the museum. I typed Van Gogh, and up popped The Lacemaker. The collection has full photos of the painting but also close-ups of the details. What I really enjoyed was the detailed description of the painting — something I would probably overlook when walking through a gallery. The detail of the Lion and Snake sculpture was impressive, and I was almost transported to the gallery itself. The Mona Lisa is there, of course — but you get to see it alongside other paintings, so the viewer doesn’t just focus on that one famous work of art.”

Share Your Experience!

Have you seen the online collection at the Louvre? Comment your thoughts below!

Do you have another online collection or exhibit experience you would like to share? You can submit your post to be featured on the blog by using this Google Form. A huge thanks to Rachel, for submitting your experience for us to share this week!

Check back next Wednesday for more Web-Love!


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