I am currently available to provide small-scale user experience research and design services. Check out the descriptions below for an idea of the services I can provide.

I am also available for collaboration or guest blogging, please feel free to contact me if you would like to work together!

User-Experience Research and Evaluation

  • I can evaluate your current website or blog design to ensure your users can get exactly what they need.
  • I can help you to figure out who your users are, and what their experience using your website is like.

Design a new WordPress website and/or blog

  • I can help you to start your first blog, or I can help you to evaluate and redesign your existing blog. I can also help you to migrate your blog posts from one platform to another.

Social Media Consulting

  • I can help you to develop a targeted social media and/or blogging schedule aimed at reaching your target audience.

Visual content development

  • I can work with you to create stunning visual posts that can help to enhance your blog posts and social media

Let’s do this! Fill out the Contact form, or send me an email at to set up a free consultation.